Healthy Interior Design
If you are looking to build, renovate or just want to make some positive changes, DesignWell Studios can help! We utilize elements of nature in each design project (Biophilic Design) and we use only non-toxic, healthy products and materials creating an aesthetically beautiful, functional and healthy home, office or commercial space.  
Concept Design + Master Plans, Construction Drawings, Style Guides, Vision Boards, Living Walls, Plantscapes, Materials sourcing, Project Management, Creative Direction. 

DesignWell studios helps you curate your interior space mindfully with healthy, non toxic, sustainable elements. We also incorporate biophilic design principles that connect you to nature evoking a healthy dose aof well being and extreme satisfaction. 

We specialize in sourcing materials that healthy, non toxic and sustainable such as finishings, furnishings, textiles, flooring, carpets, wall coverings, window coverings, mattresses, bedding and more.  

At designWell studios we feel if you take the time to eat healthy and exercise, then your space should be healthy too. We have been at this for over 10 years and have a long list of happy and healthy clients. We'd love to work with you on your residential or commercial project.

We specialize in creating healing environments for people who are battling an illness, going thru recovery, having a baby, are elderly and for those who just want a healthier environment and a greater connection to nature. 

Mafi Floors - Healthy Wood Flooring. See us to order and get more information for your next project.