DesignWell Studios, an environmental wellness design and testing company. We test for EMFs, RFs, Chemicals, Mold, Formaldehyde, Heavy Metals and more. DesignWell Studios designs for people in mind optimizing the built environment for health and well-being.

Environmental Wellness Consulting
We help work with builders and architects on new construction and renovation projects. We educate about healthy building practices and materials to increase the levels of health and well being in built environments. People want healthy homes and we can show you how to get your buildings and projects certified using healthy products and processes.  

Environmental Wellness Assessments
A professional assessment is performed in your home/office to help detoxify and purify your environment. Great for workplaces, schools and residences. When your environment is set up healthy, people are more productive, focused and miss fewer days of work/school. 

Indoor Air Quality Testing
We test for over 500 chemicals, mold, formaldehyde, heavy metals and more. We offer professional grade air purifiers to cut down on chemicals and exchange the air for a supportive environment. We provide recommendations on remedies to help improve air quality.

EMF/RF/DirtyElectricity Testing
Test nearby power lines, inside wiring, appliances, cell towers, substations.
We provide mitigation solutions to shield elevated levels if possible. 

Biophilic Design (Interiors)
Interior design never felt and looked so good. DWS can help create an environment that benefits well being and health. Space planning, materials +furnishings sourcing, color consulting, lighting and acoustic solutions, meditation stations, living walls, plantscapes. We specialize in designing healthy bedrooms, the most important room in the house. 

Sustainable Landscape Design
Connecting your indoor space to your outdoor space. Specializing in NW zen, native + low maintenance gardens, outdoor structures, hardscape paver patios, walkways, planting plans, ecotherapy gardens, outdoor furniture.

About Michelle
Michelle has been featured as an indoor air quality expert and has designed and won several design challenges centering around biophilic design. Her passion is about creating awareness about the importance of healthy environments. She was featured on an episode for HGTV/Green Living Channel It’s Easy Being Green focusing on healthy and sustainable interiors for children.

She studied at the Institute of Building-Biology and Ecology with a focus on Healthy Building and Remodeling, Indoor Air Quality and Electromagnetic Fields. Michelle has been conducting environmental wellness assessments and performing environmental tests in built environments for over 15 years. Michelle specializes in indoor air quality and Electromagnetic Fields so people can have peace of mind knowing what to do if their environment has elevated levels of chemicals or EMF’s and RFs. She has helped create positive, intelligent solutions and recommended products that support her client’s well being.

Michelle has have helped many clients redesign their environments to a healthier place who have suffered from illnesses such as leukemia, asthma, cancer, lyme disease, mold exposure, multiple chemical sensitivities and now electro sensitivities. She has worked on many cases involving poor indoor air quality stemming from engineered wood flooring and cabinets that were made with formaldehyde. It is her purpose to help spread the message of healthy building materials, finishes and furnishings throughout the design/build community and beyond.