DesignWell creates happier, healthier and more productive spaces to live and work in by improving human connections to nature. We specialize in designing environments that are healthy-with clean air quality and safe levels of electromagnetic fields- using non-toxic building materials, furnishings, and finishes.



Elevated levels of electromagnetic fields can wreak havoc on your immune system. If you are concerned about nearby power lines, sub stations, transformers or cell towers, schedule a test to give you peace of mind knowing if the levels exceed healthy limits. Great to test before you purchase a home!

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See Michelle’s article here from Mafi    - the leader in healthy wood flooring.

See Michelle’s article here from Mafi - the leader in healthy wood flooring.

Find out how to source the right wood flooring and avoid potential health issues.

Choosing the right wood flooring can make all the difference in your health. If you have new flooring or cabinets, you should know if they contain harmful chemicals that are in the air you breathe. Schedule a test today and find out what’s in your environment. DesignWell tests for over 500 different chemicals, mold and formaldehyde that can wreak havoc on your health. Read more

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Our Daughter became ill from Leukemia and we knew we needed to make sure her recovery was going to be clean and safe for her. Michelle came in and tested the air in her bedroom for toxins. Sure enough, her room had high levels of chemical pollutants. She also found that our girl’s metal bed was over active wires were from our basement. DesignWELL studios retested the air and it is clean from chemicals now and our daughter is recovering nicely after a bone marrow transplant. I urge you to consult with Michelle. Thank you DesignWELL studios for helping us create a health and safe room for our children. Highly recommended!
— Dana - Portland, Or

Biophilic design

Nature rules. It is our inspiration. Whether it comes from plants, color, acoustics or light, we incorporate as many elements of nature as we can into every built environment to support your health and well being.

We work with schools, wellness centers, doctors offices, work spaces, creative spaces and restaurants.

Benefits of Biophilic Design: Reduced stress, lowered blood pressure levels and heart rates, increased productivity and creativity as well as increased rates of well-being.