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DesignWell creates more productive, happier and healthier spaces to live and work in by improving human connections to nature. We specialize in creating environments that are healthy, use non-toxic building materials, furnishings, finishes as well as clean air quality and safe levels of electromagnetic fields. We prescribe to the precautionary principle where there are currently laws lacking in safety and policy here in the US as compared to Canada and Europe. We are diligent in our research and are experienced and knowledgeable about making healthy choices when remodeling, building and procuring materials, furnishings and finishes on our projects. Michelle Bexelius, founder and Environmental Designer studied at the Institute of Building Biology and Ecology (Specializing in Healthy Building and Remodeling, Electromagnetic Fields, Indoor Air Quality).
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mafi wood floors

Wood floors can be highly toxic and offgas for years.

Find out how to source wood flooring and avoid potential health issues for you and your clients.

Choosing the right wood flooring can make all the difference in your health. If you have new flooring or cabinets, you should know if they contain harmful chemicals that are in the air you breathe. Schedule a test today and find out what’s in your environment. DesignWell tests for over 500 different chemicals, mold and formaldehyde that can wreak havoc on your health.
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Elevated levels of electromagnetic fields can wreak havoc on your immune system. If you are concerned about nearby power lines, sub stations, transformers or cell towers, schedule a test to give you peace of mind knowing if the levels exceed healthy limits. Great to test before you purchase a home!

My husband and I worked with Michelle from while looking for a home to purchase. We were interested in environmental testing and to find a property that was safe for our family. Michelle was very easy to work with and extremely responsive - she was able to come look at a property the next day and turned around a report later in the afternoon that described the environmental safety of the area. She was extremely knowledgeable as well and provided important education to us in how to maintain a healthy home environment for ourselves and our young children, I highly recommend DesignWell Studio’s services.
— Marion - Portland, Or

Biophilic design - Nature rules. It is our inspiration. Whether it comes from plants, color, sound or light, we incorporate as many elements of nature as we can into every built environment to support your health and well being. Great for schools, wellness centers, doctors offices, work spaces, creative spaces and restaurants.

Benefits of Biophilic Design: Reduced stress, lowered blood pressure levels and heart rates, increased productivity and creativity as well as increased rates of well-being.

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Help detox and filter your home with a professional air purifier. DesignWell Studios has been a distributor for over 10 years and has the best prices.
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