We design for people, place and prosperity. 

DesignWell Studios is an design strategy company that optimizes brands and environments.


We go beyond your traditional inspections when buying and selling a home!

Real Estate agents : Find out how our home wellness assessments can sell your homes faster, increase your sales rate and give your clients peace of mind. Great for home owners too. Know before you buy! We offer packages so you can save. See our Move In, Sell and Buy Packages! 


Elements of our design process

Biophilic design - We incorporate elements of nature into every built environment to support health and well being.
Benefits of Biophilic Design: Reduced stress, lowered blood pressure levels and heart rates, increased productivity and creativity as well as increased rates of well-being. 

Building Biology - Sustainable and healthy, non-toxic building materials, furnishings, finishes, air quality and safe levels of EMFs are just to name a few. We prescribe to the precautionary principle where there are currently laws lacking in safety and policy here in the US as compared to Canada and Europe. We are diligent in our research and are experienced and knowledgable about making healthy choices when remodeling, building and procuring materials, furnishings and finishes on our projects. 

User Centered Design Principles - Whether we are working with you on your interior/exterior or branding project, we always have the end user in mind. We design for people first and how they operate in business and in their space. We want positive experiences to prevail that make sense, function and flow with joy and ease. It's all about the experience.