My husband and I worked with Michelle from while looking for a home to purchase. We were interested in environmental testing and to find a property that was safe for our family. Michelle was very easy to work with and extremely responsive - she was able to come look at a property the next day and turned around a report later in the afternoon that described the environmental safety of the area. She was extremely knowledgeable as well and provided important education to us in how to maintain a healthy home environment for ourselves and our young children, I highly recommend DesignWell Studio’s services.
— Marion - Portland, Or
Michelle has the uncanny ability of walking into your vision and helping you bring it to life though media and marketing. She brings passion and enthusiasm to every project. Michelle is not only great to work with but an investment in your future.
— Jody Francis (The Whole Self) 
Michelle’s positive energy and new design ideas are truly inspiring. Her remedy approach to design is at the forefront of green design and pushes the envelope for thinking about new ways to improve health through the design of spaces we occupy daily. I was lucky enough to work with Michelle on several green building projects and highly recommend working with her.
— Amy Green - Senior Project Architect
Our Daughter became ill from Leukemia and we knew we needed to make sure her recovery was going to be clean and safe for her. Michelle came in and tested the air in her bedroom for toxins. Sure enough, her room had high levels of chemical pollutants. She also found that our girl’s metal bed was over active wires were from our basement. DesignWELL studios retested the air and it is clean from chemicals now and our daughter is recovering nicely after a bone marrow transplant. I urge you to consult with Michelle. Thank you DesignWELL studios for helping us create a health and safe room for our children. Highly recommended!
— Dayna, Mom + Eco-Hair Stylist, Portland
Michelle is one of the most passionate women I have met on the subject of human health and the built environment. She is devoted to helping people make their homes and working spaces free of harmful toxins, but also more energy efficient. Michelle keeps up-to-date on the latest products and innovations for sustainable living”.
Molly D: A & D representative for Bentley Prince Street : Portland
After remodeling my a room in my home I suddenly became ill. I felt dizzy, started coughing and wasn’t able to work. I called Michelle to test my air for I feared the contractors contaminated my air vents, and sure enough they did. Michelle came in and tested my air which was very polluted. She suggested putting an HRV system and get an air filter. She tested again after a month and my air was healthy and I was on the mend. Thank you Michelle.
— Alana, Sustainable Industry Consultant, Portland
I am a new mom with a busy schedule. I read a lot and try to eat as healthy as I can but get overwhelmed with all that life throws at me. My child has severe allergies and we do all we can with food but wanted to make sure his environment is healthy and safe. Michelle came over and eased my mind and created a fun, easy to follow system that made sense. We have gotten rid of his old mattress apparently with chemicals on in and traded it in for a new, non toxic one to start. She went through everything, his toys, clothes, diapers and even the rugs on the floor. Her suggestions were easy to follow as she made the priorities stand out. Now he has a beautiful room that is safe and healthy! I recommend spending the day with Michelle. You will feel empowered and enlightened.
— Jenna, Stay at Home Mom, Santa Barbara
Michelle is a very driven and creative person who brings her passion to everything she does. Michelle has a very strong eye for design and is extremely detail oriented – she is able to hold you accountable and make you feel good about it at the same time. Michelle also has the unique ability to blend her marketing concepts and campaigns with the drivers of the business. The bottom line is that Michelle’s energy and presence makes every team she works with better and stronger.
— Tom – Business Technology Leader
Michelle is very knowledgeable about creating healthy and productive home and workspaces.
— Alan R: Energy Efficiency & Smart Grid Strategist at Intel, Portland